What To Expect From A Juice Cleanse + Khepra's Raw Food & Juice Bar

What To Expect From A Juice Cleanse + Khepra's Raw Food & Juice Bar

Get-Snatched-Quick schemes are running rampant in these fitness streets and juice cleanses have been on the scene for a while. You may see a bunch of people posting about doing strange detoxes and drinking magical teas that can be a little misleading. Because of these filtered reviews, many people think juice cleanses are the fast track to their dream body and while there are benefits to them, it helps to know what you're getting into before giving it a try. So I'm here to share my honest experience and let you know what to REALLY expect when you do a juice cleanse. 

First of all, all juice cleanses are not created equal. I look for cleanses that use organic ingredients and avoid unnecessarily high amounts of sugar. Juices that consist of thoughtful and balanced mixes of fruits and vegetables are the way to go. So, sorry - drinking a strawberry pineapple mango smoothie every day all day tastes wonderful, but eventually will give you more of a sugar high than anything else. You want to choose a juice cleanse from a place that is able to tell you the "why" behind what you're drinking and is honest about the results you'll feel and see.

My go-to for juice cleanses is Khepra's Raw Food & Juice Bar here in Washington, DC. All of their juices are made fresh daily and Khepra's team is very knowledgeable about what is put into each juice and the benefits. They also have a pretty awesome and highly-rated raw food menu (their buffalo cauliflower is TOO good) if doing a raw food cleanse is more up your alley.

It's not a quick fix. So don't expect to wake up with a perfectly flat stomach after a day or two. Juice cleanses are designed to help you flush out the bad and replenish the good that your body needs. But this healing process takes time and dedication from you so plan to follow up with some healthier food choices moving forward.

You can expect to experience less bloating. You'll be drinking more fluids than normal so you'll be hydrated, signaling to your body that you don't need to hold on to as much water. 

But you might also experience more bloating, although it is temporary. Some fruits and vegetables can leave you feeling a bit gassy, especially if they arent foods you eat regularly or in such large amounts. But don't worry. It won't last forever. 

You'll have spikes of energy. Fruits and veggies are packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients that you might not necessarily make the effort to partake in on a daily basis. Juice cleanses will load you up with many of the goodies that you've been missing so expect to have higher energy levels.

You might feel super tired too. Unfortunately, the rush of energy does not always come right away. You'll have some low energy moments as your body tries to work through depending on a liquid diet and eating less than you may be used to. It's also a lot of work for your body to detox so that can be a little draining as well.

You'll have more clarity. When your brain isn't being fed with all of your guilty pleasures and gets a rush of healthy nutrients instead, you may find that you have more clarity and feel mentally and emotionally lighter. Many people engage in things like meditation and prayer during their juice cleanses because they feel more spiritually open due to this newfound clarity. 

Hangry-ness and headaches are a risk. No, not your regular "Oh, wow. Lunch time was an hour ago. Let me grab something" hunger. I'm talking about that type of hunger that can lead to irrational anger - true hangry-ness. I get headaches if I skip meals. And juice is nowhere as filling as french fries (not that I eat them THAT often...I'm just saying...), so expect to feel a little (or a lot) irritable while you're not eating solid food. The headaches are also said to be a side effect of your body trying to detox.

Less sugar cravings so you'll be able to say "no" to your fave desserts. I'll admit that I'm not much of a sweets person, but every once in a while I get tempted by the candy, cookies and cupcakes that always seem to be lying around the office. Then I'm hooked. I like to use juice cleanses to knock that sugar craving out of my system.  

You might see some weight-loss. For a shorter term juice cleanse, you may only lose a couple pounds and it's mostly water weight. But dropping a bit of unwanted weight is a welcome bonus no matter the amount.

So should you try a juice cleanse?  As you can see from my list, there are plenty of ups and downs that you'll most likely face when doing a juice cleanse. I like to think of juice cleanses as a reset. This also means you should have a plan or some healthy goals in place because it's pointless if you return to your old habits as soon as the cleanse ends. For beginners, a one to five-day cleanse should be enough for your first go. Anything too much longer can be overwhelming. If you have any health concerns, you should definitely talk to your doctor before starting a juice cleanse. Also, if you have an exercise routine going already, plan to take it easy during your cleanse so you don't risk fainting or feeling weak since you'll be eating less. And if you weren't working out before, don't select the start of your juice cleanse as the time to do so. My last piece of advice is to do your research before you start anything new like a juice cleanse to see if it is for you. Before you rush to purchase a cleanse from a company, call them and ask questions about what you should expect to experience. It's your body. Be informed about what you put into it!

Have you tried a juice cleanse before? What was it like for you? Are you considering trying a juice cleanse? Let me know in the comments below!

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