I Survived My First Week of #Whole30

I Survived My First Week of #Whole30

Some time in January, one of my homegirls suggested that we do the Whole30 program together to help us get in better shape.

What is Whole30?

It is a program that helps you identify the negative impact various foods have on your body, and you remove certain food groups (dairy, sugar, grains, legumes) from your diet for a full 30 days. You can eat meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and good, healthy fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds. No processed food. Find out more about the program here

We were initially going to start Whole30 in March, but I got anxious and couldn't wait any longer and started February 21st. 

I want to share how I've been feeling now that I've survived my first week of Whole30. There's a timeline of experiences and feelings and stages that most people go through while doing the Whole30 program, but here are my personal ups and downs from the first seven days. 

My skin is brighter and clearer. In just one week, I already notice that my skin is taking a turn for the better. Even the little bags under my eyes that scream for concealer to save them aren't as dark and deep. I'm going to credit the enormous amount of water I've been drinking every day, especially to distract me from thoughts of the wine and whisky I can't have during social outings.

I can't lie: at first I was breaking out all over my face and I was freaking out. It may not have been THAT bad, but up until Day 6 I was pretty concerned about how far this was going to go. 

On Days 2-5, I was in a constant state of feeling like I was going to pass gas at any moment. And boy, was that stressful. I was terrified that I was being set up for a really awkward meeting or elevator ride, but I made it through without any embarrassing incidents. On Days 6-7, that feeling decreased A TON. And I'll spare you the details about my poo schedule. 

I have way less bloating. Before I started Whole30 it felt like I was carrying a heavy tire around my waist at all times but that feeling is gone after the first  week. I feel so much lighter and it's only the beginning. 

And speaking of feeling lighter, I feel less depressed. My mood is so much lighter. I'm a naturally positive and optimistic person, but the glow just seems to be that much stronger now. Normally, the week before my cycle begins is a rough one emotionally, but I've been fine so far. No tears at all. I'll call that a win.

I have more energy. Getting up in the morning is a little easier. Falling asleep has been easier and I feel more refreshed in the mornings. Anything that can help me get up at 5:30am without the aid of an alarm clock is a blessing.

I'm hungry...all the time. I have a bad habit of skipping meals. If I skip breakfast, then I can work right through lunch without realizing it and then dinner just happens because I realize that I need to eat at some point. Skipping meals also means I'm prone to more snacking on trash ass foods throughout the day. Eating is an important part of weight lost so I'm sure that telling my metabolism that I don't need it by not feeding myself regularly is not helping my waistline. I've been making sure that I have my three major meals of the day and my appetite has been alive and well. Also, the amount of vegetables I've been consuming to compensate for the lack of filling grains that are normally on my plate is INSANE. 

Potatoes are allowed on the whole 30 diet but I've been sticking with only sweet potatoes. The first time I tried to eat some regular white potatoes I felt super sluggish and lethargic. I was bloated and my stomach was sticking out noticeably more than usual. This saddens me as I looooove potatoes, but I may have found a food sensitivity that I was in denial about before. 

I'm realizing how often I put unhealthy things into my body. This has definitely been a wake up call and has shown me the error of my ways. It's always "just a little bit" or "just this once" but it really isn't...it all adds up. And the random cravings I have throughout the day are very telling about my usual habits.

Although I still have three weeks and change to go (and supposedly the hardest part is coming in a couple days), I realize that I'm strong enough to resist the temptation of unhealthy eating. I can make better choices. I just have to stop making excuses and want to feel and be better and stronger much more than I want to give in to french fries...and cheese...and wine. 

At this point, I've convinced about 6 people at work to start Whole30 with meand I must say that doing it with other people is extremely helpful. If you've already done it, what was your experience like? What should I expect for the rest of the month? Did you get the results you expected and do you still practice the healthy habits you learned? If you're new to this Whole30 thing, would you give it a whirl? Talk to me in the comments below! If you have any questions, you'd like me to address in my next Whole30 post, please share those too!

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