How I Turned Myself Into A Morning Person (Kinda!)

How I Turned Myself Into A Morning Person (Kinda!)

Im a night owl. And Ive always been one. I can be exhausted from the time I get off work until I get a burst of energy at 10:30pm. Ill get randomly inspired to start painting murals and writing sonnets and googling free guitar lessons at one in the morning.

HOWEVUH, 3am nights are no good when you have a 9-to-5 to report to in the morning.  I also had a few goals for my life that were hard to meet when I wasnt making the most of the first few hours of my day.

So I made the insane decision to train myself to be a morning person.

Yes, girl. You heard me. I want to purposely wake up at 5am (well, eventually) and do stuff. But heres why:

  • I'm more likely to actually work-out. When I save the gym for after I get off work, Im left with zero-to-no motivation after a busy day at the office. And its easy to find distractions and reasons to back out of doing it. PLUS there are benefits to morning workouts, but that's another post!
  • I have time to eat and ENJOY my breakfast. Theres nothing you can say to convince me that you enjoy shoving a boiled egg down your throat while balancing your work bag, looking for your car keys and answering work emails on your phone on your way out the door. I get to have a real and complete breakfast. ShootI get to have breakfast, PERIOD!
  • I can set the tone for my day. This includes journaling, praying, meditating, reading, whatever I need to get focused and grounded for the rest of the days activities.
  • I am way more focused after I first wake up.  As productive as I swear I am after midnight, I can smash through a to-do list with a Hulk-like swiftness during those first hours of my day. I've even noticed that about myself when I first arrive to work.
  • I feel less rushed. No more flying out the door in a whirlwind feeling frazzled and forgetting important ish on the kitchen counter.

These are just a handful of my morning motivators. You may have your own reasons for considering if the early bird life is for you, but in case you're serious, here are some things that helped me get up and at 'em before sunrise:

Get up 15 minutes earlier every week. It's alright to ease into it. If you usually twirl out of bed with just enough time to make it to work every day, then a 4:45am alarm will be a fail. I can almost guarantee that. But you get partial credit for your heart being in the right place. Every few days get up 15 minutes earlier until it's less of a struggle.

Go to bed at a decent time. Everyone likes to emphasize how they get up earlier so they can be productive but they leave out an important part. You can't have a 3am bedtime and successfully get up at 5:30am every morning without becoming a zombie. So instead of risking prematurely bringing on the apocalypse, plan a bedtime that allows you the doctor recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.

Set fun alarms to remind you why you're working to get up earlier. iPhones have a feature that lets you name your alarm. When your alarm goes off and you look at the screen to hit that snooze button, a message like GET YOUR ASS UP or YOU WANT THESE ABS OR NAW or DON'T PLAY YOURSELF (just examples of loving messages I've set for myself) will pop up on your screen. I've even written myself notes and put them in front of the alarm. I cant give you a success rate for this option (lol!) but doesn't hurt to try it!

Have an accountability partner. Sometimes you need that friend who bounces out of bed seamlessly every day to call you and holler at you. This has worked for me. I also have a flaw that forces me to respond every time my phone rings so without fail I answer and get threatened and told about myself until I'm out of bed due to my guilt being greater than my desire for more sleep.

Put your alarm across the room. I had to put my alarm out of arm's reach after my body formed the muscle memory to allow me hit snooze without me remembering the alarm ever going off. Terrible. It has to be far enough that it forces you to physically move in order to turn it off but close enough that you can hear it. If you can sleep through your alarm, then I'll just keep you in prayer.

Have an actual goal for how you want to use the extra time in the mornings. Okay. So you're up bright and early. Now what? You may want more time to have breakfast. Meditate. Get a workout in. Have time to read. Maybe you just want to feel less stressed when getting ready for work. Whatever it is, keep that purpose in mind and it can help motivate you.

Prep for your day the night before. Waking up to my clothes already laid out and my work bag packed made my mornings less stressful and I dreaded them a tad less. I am also a fan of meal prepping so sometimes I make breakfast ahead of time or cut up the fruit for my smoothies the night before. Keeping my mornings as simple and decision-free as possible makes things less painful.

Alright. So I wont sit here and tell you that "10 more minutes" is never tempting when I'm curled up in my warm bed. But one day you make up your mind that a few minutes of sleep never feels great enough to be worth sacrificing a strong start to your day.

Are you a night owl or a morning person? What are some tricks that help you get up in the morning? What is one goal you have that getting up earlier can help you reach?

Speak on it in the comments below!

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