I'm Turning Into A Glossier Groupie

I'm Turning Into A Glossier Groupie

I love a good skincare product. It started around my 25th birthday when I read that having good skincare habits in your 20s would affect how your skin looked as you got older. And so, I began to pay more attention to how I was treating my skin. 

I've fallen into the hype for a couple products over the years and established some die-hard favorites along the way, but Glossier is quickly proving itself to be more than hype and is earning its way onto my shelf permanently. Glossier is perfect for the girl who cares about maintaining great skin and only wants light make-up to help enhance her natural glow. Glossier perfects your "fresh-faced" look with minimal but effective product application. 

I've tried four products so far and I'm totally a Glossier groupie. Check them out:

Perfecting Skin Tint in Deep

I'm not a huge make-up girl, if I'm being honest. If I need to get my face together for a special event, I can handle it but for a normal day, I do the minimum. A little BB or CC cream, eyeliner and mascara usually does the trick.

Glossier's skin tint in Deep is a perfect match for my skin color and gives me the sheer, skin tone balancing coverage I need. It's a great go-to for the girl who just wants something light to give her that "finished" look.

Stretch Concealer in Deep

Love this stuff. Just a little touch under my eyes after applying the Skin Tint and I get that fresh no-makeup look that I love. I've seen some girls say they bought the concealer a shade lighter for the highlighted look, but I got the Skin Tint in my skin's actual shade for a perfect match that doesn't scream "I HAVE ON MAKE-UP!" so I can fake a perfect complexion (haha!)

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Any cleanser that can melt my makeup away without burning my eyes in the process is a winner for me. It's not too drying on my skin but it washes the day away effortlessly. 

Invisible Shield SPF 35 Daily Sunscreen (NEW!)

Glossier knew they were making magic with this one. I've been using daily moisturizers with SPF consistently for the past four years. It can be challenging to find a good one that gets both the moisturizer and SPF parts right. Some can have a bit of an ashy look on darker skin and others smell too much like a tube of Banana Boat. 

Glossier's new Invisible Shield is PERFECTION. It works with my moisturizer. It works under my makeup. And it has this glorious texture to it unlike any other sunscreen I've ever tried. Definitely a must-have (even though I want to start a campaign for them to make it in packaging larger than 1 fluid ounce).

What I've got my eye on next:

  • The Haloscope highlighter in Topaz
  • Cloud Paint in Haze, Beam & Dusk
  • Lip Gloss

Have you tried any Glossier products? Which are your faves? If you haven't tried Glossier yet, have any of their products caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!

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Introducing...the "Hey! from Jess Gray" Weekly Newsletter

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