MMM + DIY: Start Your Own Motivation Wall


Last January, I was in a weird place. I was transitioning in every part of my life and nothing was in place or a sure stable thing. Every day was a huge test of my faith and I was exhausted from fighting my own thoughts of doubt and fear. In an attempt to keep some positive energy and motivation flowing, I had been reading a TON of books and blogs and articles targeted at those who needed a little bit of encouragement and direction. Like me.

I ended up with a collection of quotes, Bible verses, statements and words that helped me keep things in perspective and protect my energy from negative thoughts. I’m a big believer in the power of actively surrounding yourself with positive energy and so, I decided to take all of the quotes and start a Motivation Wall.


My Motivation Wall started on the back of my bedroom door so that I could see everything that I posted every day. I also have some things posted by the mirror I use the most and on the wall by my desk in my office space. It’s super easy to do and all you need is some index cards or post-it notes and something to write with (I chose Magic Markers and wrote mine in different colors!). 




As the year went on, I would add to my Motivation Wall whenever I came across any quotes that really moved me. They don’t have to be super serious quotes and can simply be little messages to yourself like “Keep Going!” or “You can do it!” That’s it.

I’d like to challenge all of you to start your own Motivation Wall. Choose five of your favorite motivational quotes, statements or verses (If you don’t have any, find some!!!) and post them in a place where you can see them every day. And given that this year is coming to an end, it’s a nice project to help you start the new year on a positive note.

How do you stay motivated? Do you have a Motivation Wall? If not, are you going to start one? Let me know what you think!

  • Amma Mama

    This is a great idea.

  • Curls and Mo

    Jess, I LOVE this. I currently have a random “To Do” board on one wall that I don’t use…might have to replace it with some motivational words. Thank you!