Let’s Be Real: The Top Three Misinformed Hair Expectations for Natural Hair

Natural Hair_Frustrations

Whenever people ask me questions about their hair problems, I’ve noticed that half the battle is being real about what you are really hoping to get and knowing what to expect. Sometimes a little education is needed to realize that you are demanding the impossible and might need to find a different way to achieve your hair goals.

I’m going to share the top three expectations that my fellow naturals need to make sure they are being reasonable about to keep their hair frustrations under control.


I’ve had countless people ask me which products will give their curls definition and how to “clump” their curls. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there is no way to define a curl pattern you simply do not have. You can get a defined twist-out or braid-out with the right combination of products for your hair, but you won’t get a natural Tracee Ellis Ross curl out of a bottle.

Because your hair doesn’t naturally become a mass of bouncy, defined curls after a simple wash-n-go is no cause for despair. There are so many styling options that can give you a similar look. Bantu knots, twists, braids, Curlformers, wet sets and more can be used to get that style of curl or wave you so covet.


This can be a frustrating topic for some ladies. Some of us wish we had less hair to wrestle with and others can’t seem to get that volume they crave. Either way, the thickness of your hair is something you are born with. Yes, it may vary throughout the years but this is something else that can’t magically be changed.

Lately big hair has been popular so more and more ladies have been trying to figure out how to get that view-blocking ‘fro. Unfortunately, if you have really thin hair that can be difficult to achieve. If your hair needs a little umph, protein-based products can give you a little pick-me-up and I know plenty of women who have benefited from taking a supplement targeted at hair growth. If you want that overnight change, look into wearing hair extensions like Heat Free Hair or rocking crochet braids.

If you’re a part of the group who feels like their hair thickness is overwhelming and want to cut back? Find a stylist who is talented with the shears and let them give you a cut with some layers and shape your hair so that it feels more manageable.


The average person’s hair grows between 1/4 – 1/2 inches a month. Yup. That’s it. So waist-length hair in a year from a Big Chop? Not going to happen. Yes, taking supplements can help the process along, but there’s no hair growth magic potion or everyone would be on it.

Looking at other people’s pictures of their progress can be misleading.They’ll show you hair down their back with the caption “One year natural!!!” but leave out the part where they transitioned for two years. Spending too much time lusting over your hair crush’s mane can be discouraging too. Just know that you’re not missing anything and long hair doesn’t just happen in a few months. Focus on perfecting your style at whatever length you’re wearing and if you’re consistent with your hair care, you’ll be the girl everyone is tagging as their hair crush before you realize it!
These are the three expectations most people that fret about their hair ask me about, but have you noticed any other hair-related frustrations keeping people from loving their own hair? What expectations of your hair did you have to readjust? 

Hair care requires a lot of patience, especially if you insist on doing it yourself. What part of going natural or growing your hair was the most difficult for you? Share below!