Artist Ameshia Stukes at “The Cage” Exhibit in the Corcoran Gallery of Art

I love meeting my Instagram/Twitter friends in person and finally meeting Ameshia (IG: @artistameshia) was no different!

Last week, I randomly noticed Ameshia posting pictures about an exhibit she was participating in. I had no idea that Ameshia was in DC so when I saw that the exhibit would be at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, I thought it would be cool to go support her work and meet her.

20140205-004509.jpgThe exhibit “The Cage” gave each artist the opportunity to express a form of cage that they or other people may have experienced. Ameshia explored the idea of the pregnant body being a cage for an unborn child, along with the accompanying feelings and emotions that come with a pregnancy and how that experience can create a sort of mental cage. Check out more photos below!






  • Amma Mama

    Beautiful art and her outfit is dope!

  • LaNeshe

    Lovely art work.

  • Greene VDC

    Beautiful work!! Looks like a nice event. Lovely meeting you the other day

  • Artist Ameshia

    Thank you muchhhhhhh!!! Appreciate it